Will Lammerding Fund


Meet Will Lammerding - 8 year old son of Erik & Karyn and adored by his two older brothers.  Will was born with a rare genetic condition known as the mosaic trisomy 8 - T8mS, which  has severely limited his mental & physical development,

requiring full time medical care.

The lasting effect of this condition means Will requires a wheelchair, gastronomy feeding Tube (G-Tube). His severely limited physical mental delays now require full time, in-home skilled care. Additionally, a recent accident has tragically left him blind in one eye and compounded the challenges this little guy already faced.

Thus, the effort to raise awareness and funds on Will's behalf to ensure a bright future for him. 

How funds will be allocated.

- Durable Medical Equipment such as walker, wheelchair, helmet

- In-home support from skilled caregiver providing: Physical Therapy for fine & gross motor skill, G-Tube feeding and injury prevention as Will suffers from “S.I.B.” (Self Injurious Behavior)

- Special education equipment such as voice output machine, custom software.

  1. -Legal fees to establish a special needs trust.

  2. -funding of trust to ensure long term care.

  1. 1.Spread the word! Leverage your “social-graph”

  2. 2.Status update Facebook, ask your friends to do so as well.

  3. 3.Do the same on Twitter, post a tweet w/the following text:

  4. 4.Clean out that garage and sell some stuff on eBay. You can designate funds (tax deductable) to benefit Will. Our faith community, PBCC manages proceeds.



Help the Lammerding family in their goal of raising $100,000.

Donation receipts will list Peninsula bible church, a registered 501(c)3.

All proceeds to benefit Will Lammerding.


How you can Help!

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